Thermal Imaging

Your boat, home, recreational vehicle or any other personal property are at risk of damage from water intrusion, electrical deficiency, and common fatigue. If left undetected, these damages can lead to costly repairs, injury, or even death.

Hansen & Associates offers the latest infrared technology as a way to protect your investment or help you determine the integrity of property before you make the investment. This is a non-destructive testing (NDT) diagnostics tool designed to help you save investigation time and prevent further damage.

Infrared/Thermal Imaging is the only technology that can accurately and quickly locate faults before failures, shutdowns or even fires occur.

Thermo Imaging Applications:

  • Mechanical engine inspections
  • Observe "hot" circuits before failure
  • Sailboat carbon fiber mast inspection
  • Electrical wiring and breaker panel inspections
  • Lightening damage to fiberglass and carbon fiber construction
  • Lubrication features, water and coolant flow, leaking exhaust systems, etc.
  • Light or heavy grounding and collision damages to fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber hulls, cored composites including Airex and Balsa, honeycomb, core mat and other core materials.
  • See into the laminates and observe delamination, breaks, fractures, compression, voids, blisters, and moisture entrapment.

The possibility of purchasing a recreational vehicle or boat with pre-existing damage is very high and may go undetected at the time of purchase. Most insurance companies do not cover latent defects, maintenance, or water intrusion leading to rot.

Todd Hansen gives seminars and presents cost effective measures in the use of Infrared Thermography to educate marine and recreational vehicle families.

Please contact us for an evaluation of your next purchase to determine its integrity or just for peace of mind.

Thermal Images